The project consortium, a consortium of five partners from Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Italy and Austria with extensive experience, aims at designing a new ECVET curriculum and self-assessment tool on basic skills to increase employability within the tourism sector by equipping VET providers and developing the skills of early drop-outs and low qualified adults. Tourism stakeholders have been actively involved to guarantee the practical relevance, applicability and acknowledgment.

This  knowledge platform contains the following to allow sharing of good practices and usage of produced results produced during the project lifecycle for teachers, trainers, lecturers in tourism working with low-qualified young adults:

  • information about the project itself
  • a Learning Outcomes’ Matrix and suggested attribution of ECVET credit  points
  • UP-skills training material for enhancing skills in the touristic sector, respectively for hotel, banquet and reception and activities aiming at the acquirement of new skills related to sustainability
  • access to the UP-Skills self-assessment tool
  • links to the Europass instrument and explanations regarding how to successfully market labour power to future employers.

Project duration: September 2014 – August 2017

UP-skills Self-Assessment

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UP-skills Self-Assessment Support Material - Open Educational Resources (OERs)

English - Deutsch - Español - Italiano - Latviešu - Türkçe

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